March 26, 2010

Come one, come all to studio A4 at Westgate Studio on Wednesday March 31st from 5-9pm; for one night only and his last as a resident artist, see and more importantly purchase a little bit of the art of Bob Milner, internationally acclaimed misanthrope and one half of the successful art phenomenon ‘Milk, Two Sugars’.

Pieces on sale from the last two years at Westgate, a few sneaky bits from ‘Milk, Two Sugars’ and some random scraps, all at very reasonable prices. Support the artist!


March 9, 2010

I was going to add a post that was first written at the beginning of this decade and was published in a local cultural thing entitled ‘Artscene’. I bullied the editor into letting me replace Ian McMillan for one column. All I want is my own column, I said then. I never got it. I had one shot when McMillan was otherwise engaged in some other worthy cultural thing. It was fun. I realise now that I have a column. This is it. Essentially the same thing; I wanted a column to be able to compose a thought for that week, shape it, have it read. Of course, that would have been paid. That was the other attraction; to be paid for little work and possibly, eventually, ending up as token Northerner on a variety of radio panel shows such ‘Quote, Unquote’ and ‘The News Quiz’. I’m no fool, there was no way there would ever be the call from ‘I’m Sorry…’ or ‘Just a Minute’.

I once sent McMillan a poem, he never replied. I think he was jealous. I see a lot of men in the Barnsley area that look like McMillan. I think I will verbally abuse each one until I reach my eventual target. He’s more of a whore than Roger McGough. Never thought I would ever write that about anyone. Oh well. I don’t like poetry anyway. It’s rubbish, especially that stuff that doesn’t rhyme. That is just laziness.

Photo credit: Des Willie. Sorry Des.

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March 7, 2010