February 21, 2009

“Crit Review”: Four questions for you to consider.


1. With respect to what PEEP! is or how you perceive it, what area would you consider to be the strongest and/or weakest and is there one aspect that should be concentrated on? Please refer to SEVENTY SEVENTH POST for the most lucid account yet of what it is all about.  


2. Should PEEP! develop a system to determine the relative worth of an artist, based upon criteria, examples of which are: technical ability, knowledge of art history, a critical understanding of contemporary practice, depth of creative ideas, inability to avoid bullshit in regards to art practice. Those failing to convince ought to be culled. Discuss.


3. Taking into account your response to question one, what kind of presence should PEEP! have at the final show? Would you concentrate on submissions and the curation of those submissions, expect more of the original work of Bob Milner; should this be virtual or actual or would it be better if PEEP! was not included at all?


4. If the final show was simply a PEEP! beer, hand made, delivered to the gallery etc. would you be pissed off because you couldn’t be involved? A jpeg would not do justice to the taste of my beer. A tasting guide would only hint at the wonder, the explosion of sexstasy of PEEP! beer on your palette. Is this a suitable end to the MADA version of the project?


5. Who is your favourite artist? One choice only.


251 words


Shit, I am a few words short. Oh bugger. Well, the nature of PEEP! is not adhering to any rules, despite the shortcoming and obvious flaw of being involved (however loosely) in mainstream art academia; education being too strong a word to use. I don’t think that it matters what happens today. I would like some response, which is why I made some questions to make it easier. Too often in the last eighteen months there have been blank screens and a lack of substance, so I don’t really expect anything different this time. Oh, we might have a full class, which would be good.


I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about the project. I do this because I want to and if the board or the external examiner is happy to assess it and hand over a piece of paper, brilliant. You won’t upset me, so please, shoot off. That would be great, some life in here at long last. I’m mute anyway!


426 words


Bastard! I thought I had it then, thought I was at the word count. I know it is crucial that I get it B for the Bang On. Or else. It must mean my mind isn’t as sharp as all the others. All those wagging tongues. I’ve told you over the months what PEEP! is all about so if you haven’t read it, tough. I’m not repeating it all just to take up space; not when I can waffle instead. Oh shit, gone over now.


513 words





February 5, 2009

The elusive one hundredth post seems to recede further with every addition. How can this be? I don’t know what form it will take but I look forward to it. Well, I have to as it is before us and not behind us. What is behind us we can never affect, unless you go to the dashboard and click “edit”. Imagine if in life we all had a dashboard and could click edit.


I am now in possession of the PEEP! website. It needs to be ‘sorted out’ a little, edited and so on. It is very much in the format specified when PEEP! was going to be a straightforward website. Now that I am going to shit all over my own creation, it needs to be looked at. Luckily it is not appearing on google yet so I can fiddle on my own.


I have not bothered with the course that much or this blog. Both are getting in the way a little. I remain committed to finishing the course, I may as well, and I will persist with the blog beyond the course but, the last few weeks, I just couldn’t be arsed with either. I have continued to work and make progress but I have to admit that my eye is on the whole year not just the next few months before I finish MADA. In a way, I just want it done with.


What am I excited about? Making beer. Drawing and painting. Not much else. Not MADA. Not digital art.


The key to this year is to have a series of projects on the go to run alongside my own painting. I am not sure what will happen with MTS. We are not over and done with but the eagerness seems to have waned. I have other interests and so does Tom. We did a lot in the last two years.


There seems to be no end to the random unconnected thoughts. A slightly stilted entry. I don’t feel chatty or inspired. I don’t know what to tell you about. I saw the Stanley Spencer exhibition, very good. The plans for the brewery are well under way; I have the first brew ready to go, a brewery name and beers marked in for the rest of the year. The new PEEP! gallery opened at the last open studio/artwalk with a selection of MTS work and DVD showing our films, seemed to be appreciated by the people visiting.


Should I be blogging the Halifax project? Should I be writing about every twist and turn in my continuing attempt to revive a painting career? I don’t know. I am enjoying what I am doing too much to worry about writing about it. I haven’t lifted a brush yet, I blame the snow.


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