The problem with a rolling blog is that you can write a lot of useful stuff and forget what has been written. Useful to nobody else, obviously. I think the task set today, to begin next week, of planning a timetable will be useful. It is easy on a virtual MA to crack on with all manner of art projects and forget that you are on a mission to bag a piece of paper and possibly another chance to wear a motor board. I consider myself to be quite an organised person and yet I am letting a lot of the routine MADA tasks slip.  

I tend to do research all the time without thinking of it as research in any formal sense and so don’t bookmark or copy and paste, therefore I have little or no evidence of what I do. Without a timetable, I will probably write the proposal bullet point essay thing two days before it is needed in a mild panic. Even with a timetable, that will probably happen. I should construct two timetables. One would be the preferred timetable of the diligent and productive student and the other the actual timetable, based on years of trial and error of attempting to do things the correct way.  

As I understand it, this blog can act as a part of the research in so much as it being a forum for ideas and discussion of possible direction. My main difficulty will be in seeking other examples to contextualise what I do. There are other publications and other blogs and artists who deal with similar issues in whole or in part. I assume these things exist; I don’t really look around that much. I know as visual people we should but I am bring honest, I don’t, much. My instinct and the addled mind within the head do all the work. I just type.  

On the subject of which, such a smooth link you’d think I did plan this but really, I don’t; this is blog week. For no other reason than I thought I should, I will be blogging every night. I ought to write every day and I intend to. I did consider setting some sort of framework to it, like a certain number of words every night or an off the cuff topic to discuss but in the end I opted for none of that. Each entry will be a reflection of my state of mind that day. I don’t know what the point is other than making me write. The point comes later, with reflection.

431 words.

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